Dear Senior Parents,


Graduation will be here before we know it and a committee of volunteers has been hard at work planning a night of fun and safe entertainment for your grads!

Project Graduation began here in Maine in 1980 after Oxford Hills Comprehensive School lost seven of their students in a string of accidents due to drinking and driving during the commencement season, and it has become a rite of passage for many high schools across the country. Parents, schools and communities make a commitment to offer an alcohol and drug-free night of entertainment as an alternative to the student run, post-graduation parties.  Volunteers put many hours of time and energy into planning a night of fun, food, and activities to keep kids safe.

Yarmouth High School’s Project Graduation is funded solely by parents and community sponsors. Any monies raised by the 2018 Senior Class are used for YHS graduation activities and do not support Project Graduation. The costs associated with feeding, transporting and entertaining the 2018 graduating class are estimated to be $20,000 - $25,000 (approximately $155-$195 per student), which is in line with previous years. While we have a committee working on corporate sponsorships, it is also necessary to get donations from families. We are asking for $150 from each family, with the understanding that some may not be able to give this amount and some may wish to offer more. Should your family find $150 a hardship, please send whatever works for you. $20 does make a difference!

Donations may be made by cash or check to:

Project Graduation

c/o Yarmouth High School

286 West Elm Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096

or Donate Online

Donate Online Now